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The Health Coin

The Coin was created in order to democratize access to quality health professionals.

Telemedicine is the future of health and, in order to achieve its full potential, it needs safe, quick and easy transactions.

In order to meet the laboratory demands for qualified professionals, wCoin is here to enable a quicker and easier process for diagnoses and for the release of medical reports, anywhere in the world.

History and Objectives

  • October 2016

    Wbio is born

    Wbio was founded during the 2016 Startup Weekend edition in Novo Hamburgo with the goal of making clinical analyses faster, cheaper and safer.

  • February 2017

    Feevale TechPark

    Wbio joins the Feevale TechPark and starts developing the diagnose system and the P1 equipment.

  • June 2017

    P1 unveiled

    The P1 equipment, a pioneer in microscopy telediagnosis, is presented for the first time to key partners, demonstrating the enormous possibilities of the solution.

  • September 2017


    With the explosion of Blockchain and the need for a safe and effective payment system, wCoin emerges as a telemedicine solution, allowing medical reports to be quickly released and paid.

  • January 2018


    The first WON presale begins, the raised funds will be used to finish the system and the P1, besides guaranteeing the equipment's free implementation in laboratories.

  • We are here

  • April 2018

    First Token Sale

    Once the equipment and system are ready and installed in the first clients, our next step is to expand on a national level. The first sale funds will be used to supply over 20 thousand laboratories throughout the country.

  • July 2018

    Second Token Sale

    From Brazil to the World!
    Once the devices are fully functional and the system is generating reports, the gathered funds will be used to expand wCoin usage to other healthcare areas, such as hospitals, pharmacies and clinics, besides implementing the first P1 abroad.

  • OPEN


The WON implementation plan has been defined until 2042, guaranteeing the economic characteristics of the new coin.

21 million coins will be issued.

One "WON" refers to one wCoin unit, which is an ERC20 token.

It is configured for global use by everyone and derives value from its exchange by Ether.

The Tokens will be sold in four different stages: presale, which begins now, the first sale, in April, the second sale, in June, and the constant annual emission, from September 2018 to 2042.

The coin will be traded in Brazilian and international currency exchanges, enabling easy buying and selling.


The First Brazilian ICO brings several benefits to health service users and investors.

Faster and affordable diagnoses for everyone

Transaction traceability and transparency

Access to healthcare in remote locations

Lower procedure costs for governments and for the entire population

Enabling scientific researches through epidemiological data registered in the blockchain

Expanding partner network in order to use wCoin as payment in pharmacies, hospitals and medical clinics

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